Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Opinions on the TCG list for September 1 2013

Just a quick rundown of some of my thoughts. Will more than likely post a decklist or two tomorrow.

Banlist is Amazing returning to the game.

Hey guys it's been awhile hasn't it. Well after the events of the TCG Banlist being revealed yesterday I am super hyped about Yugioh. I have already built a few new decks based on the list and cannot wait to begin blogging again. I should have a video up later with my opinions on the list later tonight.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dino Rabbit Agents.

A quick profile I managed to do at locals this weekend. Sound quality is pretty bad at certain parts but I was limited to using my phone :/. Anyway just a quick vid and a quick post.

Would include have the video placed here but since I'm posting this from my phone I am unable.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Returning soon work and school are a bitch.

Just making a quick post to let anyone who cares know I will be returning to blogging soon.

College and work have proven to be quite a potent combination in delaying my Yugioh activity, but fear not the duelist will return soon with a new deck profile to boot.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What would Yugioh Duelist MQU do? A quick look at my September 2012 banlist.

Firstly I would like to say I am aware of a few of the more popular unconfirmed lists that at this time people are raging about, however this will be my list on what I believe Konami should do to fix the game we all love.

Future Fusion
Wind-Up Hunter
Monster Reborn
Morphing Jar
Chain Material
Self-Destruct Button

Lightpolsar Dragon
Inzektor Centipede
Dark Magician of Chaos
Hieratic Dragon Atum
Sinister Serpent
Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Mystical Space Typhoon
One Day of Peace
Final Countdown

Semi Limited:
Dark Armed Dragon
Agent of Mystery Earth
Rescue Rabbit
Evolzar Laggia
Gladiator Beast Bestari
Snoww Unlight of Darkworld
Gates of the Darkworld
A Hero Lives
Miracle Fusion
Call of the Haunted


Destiny Draw
Primal Seed
Future Fusion- like I said in February this card would become a problem this format if it went unanswered, a foolish burial on crack has no business in this game.

Wind-Derp Hunter- Does absolutely nothing except enable the hand loop Rat and Carrier are not the problem.

Monster Reborn- Dmoc comes back on my list and this card is way to Otk oriented, time to retire for another format or so.

Morphing Jar- Empty Jar is unfair in every meaning of the word. Plus Darkworlds love free pluses.

Chain Material- Otk's are baaaaad.

Self-Destruct Button- Konami should have addressed this years ago,it abuses the tournament system and is just not fun to play against.

Lightpolsar Dragon- I had to balance Chaos Dragons in some way so this is what I came up with. A simple D.D. Crow now solves the soft lock problem.

Inzektor Centipede- this is one I had to think about for a while and no I have never played the deck outside of dueling network but if you hit dragonfly to one you still have cards like Call and Limit Reverse to abuse the one copy which will still allow you to spam Centipede, however if you limit Centipede what exactly are you supposed to spam with Dragonfly? Hornet? Ok fair enough, IMO I don't really care which gets limited I just don't think you should be able to spam and search in the same turn.

Dmoc- I I think it's busted but kanami will probably bring it back to promote sales.

Atum- No Gustav Spam for yooooouuuuu

Spore- Shouldn't have been banned to begin with.

Sinister Serpent- Pseudo advantage is not quick enough to keep up with the game these days.

Trishula- I don't think it deserved to be banned in the first place personally I think it was an impulse ban.

MST- Bring some skill back into the game, of you want to blindly attack my backrow then invest in 3 night beam or lose by wasting your sole Mst.

Rekindling- Monster reborn for every fire monster in your grave no thanks.

One Day Of Peace- only solitaire decks use it and according to Kevin Tewarts articles Konami wants to prevent that.

Final Countdown- See One day of peace.

DaD- Not the DaD he used to be and is just a bit to slow.

Earth- While I think that 1 earth isn't too terribly bad go ahead and give  us 1 earth  back.

Rabbit- A semi limit should be fine, one is terrible three is to much.

Laggia- see rabbit.

Mezuki- I miss playing Zombies :(

Bestiari- I hate Auto losing after being bottomlessed when I play glads at least give me two chances to play my deck which still rewards skillful play.

Snoww- You shouldn't be able to search that damn well,busted card is busted.

Gates- This is always a plus in Darkworlds remember I put Mst to 1 and Snoww is still at 2 so out is still playable.

A Hero Lives- Since I didn't ban stratos I put this at 2 to Nerf those silly OP hero plays.

Miracle Fusion- see A Hero Lives

CotH- if reborn is banned and Mst is at one this shouldn't be unlimited.

D-Draw- Laughable Monsters for a chance to draw into good cards is a good trade off. Bring back my favorite draw card Konami :P

Primal Seed- should have never been limited to begin with IMO, Ftk's that have a little to no chance of going off should be the least of Konami's worries, they should be focused on fixing consistent ones instead.

Keep in mind this is all what I would do and none of this is remotely guaranteed to happen, this just what I would do to fix the problems that the format has.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Superdreadnought Train Gustav Max and what it means for the TCG

Today is going to be a quick post about a card that was recently announced as an upcoming promo in Shonen Jump alpha, the card in question was decided by a poll (to my knowledge this is how it was decided as there was an Sj pole between it and a few other irreverent cards) in which I myself voted for this monster of a card.

For those of you who are not familiar with his effect here you go

Now if I do say so myself I personally believe this cards release here in the TCG was well timed (or so it seems now only time will tell) the reason I say this is because let's be honest this card would have helped push the game into even more undesired state. Not to mention this guy with ignition priority would have been beyond busted.

As it stands right now the only 2 decks that can really make use of it are hieratics and chaos dragons via Red doctor but with the September list coming out soon this could be a very ill timed release.

That's all I really have to say about it other than next format if the Decks aren't hit that hard don't surprised to go to a regional and play nothing except Hieratic and or Chaos Dragons.

I do want to make a banlist prediction before I leave for vacation but it will have to wait till I have some free time.

Anyways thanks for reading don't forget to check out my YouTube channel and sub to me at . I really don't think that link will work but I will be posting a link in the side bar anyways.